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Mark Montanaro

Renowned Novelist

Mark Montanaro has always been enthusiastic about great writing, and is privileged to have turned his passion into a thriving career as a professional author. Read on to find samples of Mark's work, a detailed bio, and more.



Behind the Novelist

Mark has always been a man of many talents. He can count with both hands get five letter words on Countdown and once solved a Rubik's cube in just 5 days, 13 hours and 59 minutes.

His creativity started at an early age, when he invented imaginary friends, and even more imaginary girlfriends.

As he got older, he started to use his talents to change the world for the better. World peace, poverty reduction, climate change; Mark imagined he had solutions to all of them.

He now lives in London with his Xbox, television and non-imaginary girlfriend. He has recently embarked on his greatest and most creative project yet; a witty novel set in a fantasy world. The Magic Fix, Mark's debut book, is set to be his best work so far.


The Magic Fix

November 2020

The Known World needs a fix or things could get very ugly (even uglier than an Ogre!) "Did we win the battle?" asked King Wyndham. "Well it depends how you define winning," answered Longfield, one of the King's royal commanders. In fact, the Humans are fighting a losing battle with the Trolls. Meanwhile the Ogres are up to something, which probably isn't good. Could one flying unicorn bring about peace in the Known World? No, obviously not. But maybe a group of rebels have the answer. Or maybe the answer lies with a young Pixie with one remarkable gift. Does the Elvish Oracle have the answer? Who knows? And even if she did would anyone understand her cryptic answers (we all know what Oracles are like!) The Known World is in danger of being rent in twain, and twain-rending is never good! Did I mention the dragon? No? Ah... well... there's also a dragon.

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"Writing is the geometry of the soul"




Waterloo, London, UK

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